Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Proud Mom!

We had such a busy and wonderful weekend despite the challenges posed by Tortuga. He is still refusing to do anything that is expected or asked of him so his bedroom has seen an awful lot of him. Except for basic needs and when we can't leave him because we have to go out he is spending all his time "resting" in his room. It has been 4 days of this. But that isn't what I want to focus on right now. I am so proud of Corazon. She was amazing this past weekend. Even when she had a hard time she asked to do some tapping and was able to hold things together and get herself back on track much like a regular kid might.

It didn't start off so well on Friday when in gymastics practice she had a difficult time during their "practice" for their "practice meet" on Saturday. They ran the girls through the routines for Saturday and each time Corazon made a mistake (big or small) she flipped out--faces, crying, drama, stomping, etc.--which of course is NOT acceptable in gymnastics. It also isn't typical of Corazon in gymnastics although it is typical everywhere else. The coaches informed her in front of us that if it happened on Saturday at the mock meet she would be asked to go sit with us and not finish out the meet. I spoke with her about all this and she told me she messed up so much because she was nervous. Nervous? This child has never been nervous a day in her life! This is the 4 year old who did the entire dance routine correctly in front of hundred of people at her dance recital even as other little ones just stood there petrified, others cried, others ran from the stage. My little one didn't bat an eye. This is the kid who I can always count on to hold it together in front of any audience, regardless of size or familiarity. So come to find out on Friday the coaches told the girls that it was normal to be nervous before the meet. So, being the hard-working RAD recovering child that she is, she decided she was supposed to be nervous and worked herself into it. I suppose I should be pleased with her desire to be normal! :-)
Of course, now she is actually making herself nervous and since she is trying it on for size anything can happen. I told her I would do tapping with her before the meet on Saturday. Saturday morning was hellish. She had to be at the gym by 7 a.m. so all of us had to be out the door early. I did tapping on her as we arrived in the gym and her coach reminded her she would sit out the meet if there was any attitude or drama. She was absolutely fabulous! No attitude, no drama, and even when she fell off the beam and froze on her last vault she was the model of professionalism. I spent some time at the meet (4 hours) texting and sending pictures to her birth mother, brother and sister to keep them posted on how she was doing because they kept calling and texting wanting to wish her a happy birthday. We agreed to talk later and when she finished the meet she was so proud of herself even though disappointed in some of her performance. I wish I had better pictures. All my pictures of her are a blur so I am going to have to hone up on taking better action shots.
We went out to lunch to celebrate her success and her birthday. Tortuga was a bear and had a full-blown tantrum at the table. She didn't let it damper our lunch and when we got home we sent him upstairs to rest ("we throw tantrums when we are tired so the only thing that can help is rest") where he pretty much spent the weekend. Everyone was tired so we set up a mid-afternoon slumber party/quiet time in the middle of the family room. Sleeping bags, weighted blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, books, etc. and everyone but Tortuga hung out there for the rest of the day while I made dinner. We had a nice dinner and let her open some presents. On Sunday we were surprising her with a small birthday party at one of those places I swore I would never have a party at. We decided to tell her Saturday afternoon knowing that normally she "blows it" whenever she anticipates something fun. She didn't. She handled all the anticipation AND the different phone conversations with birth mom, brother, and sister just fine. She sounded happy and excited to talk about her mock meet and the upcoming party without getting herself all worked up. She even helped me pull together some things for the party without going nuts. It was wonderful. Sunday was great. The kids had fun jumping around at the party place with all those incredible, giant, inflatable jumping things and the added bonus was that we finally got to meet our dear friends at My Sweet Chaos! We have been planning to get together for awhile and the kids enjoyed playing with each other especially our eldest boys. We didn't let Tortuga participate in the activities but I did let him sit and talk with M. and they walked around for a bit. Despite having to spend some time supervising our respective kids, we did manage to chat for a bit and I am excited that we might be doing it again soon (getting together, not the party!)
Corazon handled everything beautifully! I cannot believe she is 9. I was so impressed with how well she handled all of this. We hadn't had a birthday party for her since she turned 6 because we didn't think she could handle it. Next year we might actually try this again.


ldw said...

we all had such a great time!! we must get together again SOON!

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous. It sounds like it was so much fun and yahoo for Corazon!!!!

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