Friday, July 3, 2009

Heading South

I couldn't get this post out until I reached civilization....

The kids are playing out various scenarios for how to annoy each other. So far, Pollito is winning. He has reached that point where he can annoy people just by opening his mouth and mimicking them any chance he gets so he is taking full advantage of it. He is cute as can be but at the moment he is also annoying as can be. He sits in the back of the van and needles Tortuga who is developmentally about the same age so it is much like having two preschoolers in the back seat. I am getting a bit tired of "he's looking at me" and "he copied me" and it is always coming from the 10 year old complaining about the 4 year old. Other than that the ride continues to be pleasant and I am very fortunate to have really good travellers. With City Girl (Corazon's friend who is spending the summer with us again) along for the cross country ride there is more trouble between Tortuga and Corazon. City Girl prefers Corazon's company and attention but since Corazon continues to exhibit some inappropriate behaviors that cause her to have to ride with her hand over her mouth or her hands on her head, City Girl is trying to engage with Tortuga which of course he loves and rattles Corazon even more. Thus the competition begins and with City Girl being a pretty normal kid, she is just eating it up. This is going to be a fun summer, I can tell already.
We travelled to D.C. after New Jersey and had a wonderful time doing a quick tour of the city-White House, Vietnam Memorial, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, Air & Space Museum and American Indian Museum were all on the agenda. They had their own cameras and took a bunch of pictures of things that they wanted to remember. The older kids loved the American Indian Museum and were frustrated when we couldn't stop to read every little piece of information. I must admit it makes me proud to see how interested they are in learning all of this. This was true at the memorials where they asked good questions and worked hard to understand things that were a little over their heads. Being the good homeschool mom and educator I made them work to understand some of what they were reading especially at the FDR memorial. The highlight for Tortuga and Corazon was seeing Amelia Earhart's plane and jacket at the Air & Space Museum. Corazon has read EVERY kids' book about Earhart and several adult ones. We also got a chance to visit with an old friend of mine who the kids just met in December. He joined us for dinner both nights we were in town. Turns out he had an alterior motive for seeing so much of us during the past couple of days--he wanted us to consider him as a donor if we decide to have another bio-kid. Hmmm...

This trip continues to be an interesting one (in a really good way!)

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Lisa said...

So much fun! I can't wait to take the girls to D.C. Heck. I can't wait to take me to D.C. It fascinates me! How cool that they took it all in and I KNOW they loved it!

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