Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

It has rained the ENTIRE time we have been in Boston. This is highly unusual weather for Boston and while it puts a serious damper on our plans it seems to be a whole lot better than the 100+ degree weather they are experiencing back home in Texas. Of course this means the kids are a bit stir-crazy and they can't run around they way they need to. So far they have been handling it remarkably well. I decided to start our summer schooling while we were still on this trip and that seems to be working for Tortuga. He pores over his workbook and reading and enthusiastically tackles every assignment. He genuinely seems to be enjoying it and has spent 2-3 hours straight working on that and his reading with no interruptions excepts snacks and food. Corazon is a bit different. She is going to resist doing this work no matter what. Thus, she is spending more time missing out on family game time and movies each evening since those are basically the only activities we can do. Pollito continues to be confused about what we are up to and declares that he misses our "new house." His RAD-like behaviors continue to increase but I think it may be the combination of what he sees his siblings doing and his anxiety. Milagro is simply enjoying being with everyone and doesn't seem to be distressed by being away from home so long. She is funny though because she recognizes her old room and lots of her "baby stuff" that we still have here. (We are lucky to be staying in our old house where we still maintain a bedroom because of C.'s travel back and forth for work.) She saw her baby swing and immediately exclaimed with glee that it was "mine!" and then got into it. Other than that there isn't much baby left in her. She has become an avid storyteller as she recounts her day. When she doesn't have the word she uses visuals by pointed to items and acting them out. She had us in stitches last night over dinner as she described her stay at the babysitter's, playing with her toys, watching a morning cartoon and they basic story line, and her running around being silly with Pollito and her outing in the rain. She was so animated and comical but also impressive since we could follow the entire story AND see how many new vocabulary words she has. She is basically at a point where she repeats every single word and retains it so her spoken vocabulary is well over 200 words and she has more full sentences than we can keep track of. Yesterday she told me to "put the book down please," "I s(l)eep with you mom?" and "I go s(w)imming wit(h) my suit?" She hears how the other kids put their sentences together and imitates with surprising accuracy. It's both impressive and overwhelming at times.

Tomorrow we are seeing Corazon's mother. She is excited to see Corazon and I think Corazon will have a good time. Nothing yet from the boys' mother but I am still hoping we can see her.


A said...

Aww I love how smart Milagro is!! My almost 2 year old (2 weeks away - waaaa!!) is really speaking well, too. It is so CUTE! This is my favorite age and I'm sad to see it flying by so quickly!
I hope you get a few sunny days before you return home. We <3 Boston, too. Not when it's raining, though - as public transportation or walking to your destination is nightmarish enough there... and forget trying to drive around the city. Ugh!

Lisa said...

That little Milagro is the cutest thing. It fascinates me when kids start putting words and sentences together.

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