Friday, June 5, 2009

Lots of lying and sneaking going on...-- June 3

I just managed to get this posted up today but I wrote most of it on Wednesday.

Lots of lying and sneaking are going on around here and it's all me. The kids finish school today and we are planning of taking off for Pennsylvania and Boston this Sunday. They don't know so it means I have to do all the preparations and packing behind their backs. Hard to do when we are practically attached at the hip! On the pretense of going through their summer clothes to see what still fits, I have managed to get the bulk of their clothes packed without their realizing what is going on. I send them off to get sleeping bags and they ask why. Hmmm....they need to be washed. Orienting the folks who would be taking care of the cats right in front of their faces was really a piece of cake. The kids wondered why Pollito's PreK teacher was at our house (she is a neighbor and her daughter and son will do the cat watching) and we just talked about "being prepared" for when we do go on vacation. So far they don't seem suspicious and it seems to be working except when they asked why I needed them to get their bike helmets in the middle of the night yesterday and I insisted it couldn't wait until today. I got a couple of sideways glances but I excused it with "I'm old and I might forget tomorrow." Corazon piped in with "yea that's right she gets even older on Sunday!" Gotta love that kid. Too smart for her own good.

We have learned that they are really GREAT travelers BUT not if they know in advance. So usually we spring the trip on them about 20 minutes before we leave. They stay focused long enough for us to get out the door and then we have a good start which usually holds out for the duration of the trip. This is a very long trip. We will be driving to Lancaster, PA which is about 25 hours of driving. Our plan is to spend two nights in hotels which usually transitions everyone nicely into vacation mode before they get to their grandparents' home.

Yesterday, Pollito had his end of school PreK slide show and picnic. We went to the slide show which featured a "movie" with ALL the preK kids playing characters out of the books they had read this year. It was quite sweet and lots of work on the teacher's part. Pollito was so excited that we were there so he sat in my lap the whole time. I actually surprised myself by tearing up as I watched pictures of him flash before my eyes on that big screen. My baby is going to Kindergarten in the fall. It seems like just yesterday he was a little two year old who couldn't speak more than a handful of words and there he was in a movie with speaking parts and all!

Tortuga seems to be doing great with end of year transition activities so we haven't had to pull him out of school early. Corazon on the other hand is a basket case. Her teaching resigning on Friday has thrown her for a real loop so we decided that was the end for her. She is home this week which is fine since they were ending all semblance of school work on Monday. She still gets to see her friends at gymnastics this week and throughout the summer since most of them are at the gym regularly so that will allow her to transition. She acted really angry that she didn't get to go to school this week but I also saw relief. She didn't beg to go, pout, rant or in any other way suggest that she wanted to "negotiate" about it. She has been such a difficult kid to deal with for the last week and a half or so that we knew it would just go downhill. This allows her to end school feeling really good about herself and her experience there and she saves face by telling her friends her mean mom won't let her go to school even though she knows she cannot handle it.

We do school all summer because it helps Tortuga catch up since he still has so many gaps in his learning and it helps both of them maintain a consistent schedule. We will add Pollito to the summer school schedule this summer so that will be fun to do. I'm such a mean mom that they even do school while we are on vacation!

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Lisa said...

I'm the mean mom too and do school all year round. J's been "out of school" this week helping me doing the cooking. G asked her when she was going back to school and she told him probably October. Huh? I think it comes from everyone asking her (everywhere we go) if she's glad school is out.

Good luck packing on the down low. ;-)

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