Sunday, June 28, 2009

Departure Delay and some Happy Times

We had planned on leaving Boston Friday morning. Thursday was the first day we got a break from the constant rain so we spent it with friends lounging in their backyard and pool. The kids were thrilled and behaved beautifully! This was to be our last day but that evening I FINALLY heard back from the boys' birth mother. She agreed to see us Friday morning. So we postponed our departure and planned on a morning visit with her and an afternoon whale watch. That morning, she called to cancel (and reschedule for Saturday) so C. took Tortuga and Corazon to Fenway Park instead.

Then we all headed out to Gloucester, MA (remember the movie "The Perfect Storm") only to get to there and find that the trip was cancelled. Everyone, especially C., was disappointed but we regrouped and headed to Rockport with its art galleries, quaint shops and calm beach. The two older kids had their first lobster rolls and everyone sampled too much fudge and taffy.

I woke up Saturday praying that the boys' birth mother wouldn't call to cancel. I hadn't told the boys anything about the visit just in case it didn't happen. When I spoke to their mother she seemed nervous and yet determined to make the visit. She noted she is on probation again and continues to have multiple challenges. We all drove to her neighborhood and I called her as soon as the time came and went and we didn't spot her. We had decided that I would take the boys on the visit and C. would take the girls to breakfast. So there we sat waiting in a clinic parking lot hoping that she would show. She called to say she was down the street so I took the boys out of the van and C. left. I was so excited that I didn't mind that she was late. Tortuga was clearly happy to see her and Pollito was just upset he couldn't go with the girls.

We spent about an hour and a half and I could tell Tortuga was happy although not in a clingy way as he had been about a year ago. Pollito was not happy and he was very confused because she focused her attention on him. She kept asking him to call her "mommy" and telling him she was his mom. Tortuga seemed to recognize more of the challenges she was having and even corrected her when she called me their "foster mother." She was clearly very touched to see them and expressed her joy and gratitude several times. There were a few awkward moments but nothing we couldn't get past including her finding out my spouse was a woman (which I had mentioned before). At the end of the visit she handed me a small photo album with baby pictures of the boys! I had asked her for these in the past but this was the first time she brought them. I almost cried when I saw that there were some of Tortuga since I have no pictures of him before age 8. She said I could keep them! Priceless! Definitely worth the travel delay!

After the visit Tortuga seemed calmer and more relaxed and very clingy towards me. We went on that whale watch and had an absolute blast despite the nippy weather on the water. We saw some humpback whales and the kids LOVED it! We even got some close looks at a whale calf so that Pollito and Milagro could enjoy the experience although Pollito was being a bit of a pain. At one point, when one whale was literally right below us so that we had great views of him, Pollito started jumping up and down and SCREAMING "the pee is coming, the pee is coming!" So, I had to stop in the middle of this glorious display of whales to take him to the bathroom! I was not happy especially when the whole incident could be summed up by saying "high drama, low production". As if to rub it in that I had missed out Milagro ran to me as we returned to the deck and excitedly exclaimed with her hand to her chest "Mom, the wayyyyyle said hi to meeeeeeee!"


SocialWkr24/7 said...

I am so thrilled to hear about all the momentos you were blessed with during this trip! What a wonderful bonus!

Lisa said...

Truly priceless trip!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

What awesome photos you take! I think it is great that you are so persistent with the kids birth parents. It can't be easy, but is important I think.

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