Friday, June 5, 2009

Almost there...

From the comfort of my king size bed with a sleeping four year old at my feet and an almost two year old's head on my lap, I finally have a chance to write. I posted what I wrote on Wednesday and Thursday below because I couldn't do it before now.

It has been a good drive thus far. Tennessee is really beautiful so I have been enjoying the skies, the lushness of the trees and of course the mountains. We are now settled into a lovely hotel room in Virginia, all the kids are showered, and we even had some family time. Milagro won the "best behaved" kid award today but all the kids got treat because we went to BK for dinner and the kids' meal prizes were Pokemon stuff so they were happy. They watched "Bolt" and "Wall-E" in the car today which made the last 3 hours go faster for them. We only have about 4 hours to go tomorrow so it should be a more leisurely drive to their grandparents. They are lovely people who adore the children and respect our rules. Spending the next week or so with them will be great fun for the kids since they will swim every day, go on long walks/hikes, fly kites, ride their scooters, and just hang out and get loved by their family. C. will be happy to see her folks and her brother too. I will be the only one not so thrilled to be spending my birthday with them instead of our friends in Boston as we originally planned. I don't enjoy the time with C. family as much because the kids have more meltdowns and tantrums and I have to be even more on my toes in dealing with them because their schedules/routines are off and of course, they have adult attention without our expectations. They will also vie for grandpa's time and attention and I will play referee and "bad guy" since we cannot let the two oldest do anything together if one of us isn't along. So that usually means I decide who goes and who stays and someone is always miserable. Nothing I haven't dealt with before just not fun for me.

C.'s parents really are nice people so I don't mind being around them but we have little in common. Plus they are "tolerant" and respectful of the two mom thing but they still struggle. C. came out to them when she was 19 and her mom didn't speak to her for almost a year. I think her mom still "mourns" what she hoped her daughter's future would be in a more "traditional" situation. I think she held out hope that C. would "become" straight at least until C. and I had the baby and got married. In a way Milagro helped them accept who C. is because she was able to have a baby which was in that traditional future her mom always envisioned for her. She likes me but doesn't quite know how to deal with me. Her dad respects me and is just more laid back so we have an easier interaction. It will all be fine and the kids will get to reconnect with family they really enjoy.

On a totally unrelated note, I am seeing more RAD-like behaviors in Pollito. Nothing extreme and not as bad as the other two but I am hoping it is just mimicking his older brother. I am just trying really hard to shower him with love and provide the structure he needs because I really don't think I am ready to deal with another RADish. Even one as cute and charming as this little guy!


Lisa said...

Hoping all goes well with the family. Still hating I'm going to miss seeing you.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ldw said...

Happy Birthday!! I can't wait to get together when you guys get back! I can't wait to hear about Lancaster! Not sure why, but I am so charmed by the Amish life! Take care and be safe in your travels!

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