Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toddler Love

I have to admit it. I am totally smitten with Milagro. She is such a complete little person and she is growing so very, very fast. Her language and observation skills are developing so much. The other day we were at Tortuga and Corazon's football game and she was playing with Pollito. The sky was a glorious blue with very few clouds. Suddenly she looked up and noticed a big, fluffy cloud and I told her it was a cloud. "Cowd!" she declared and motioned for me to take a picture. I obliged.

She went back to her playing and a few minutes later she looked up and pointed to the same cloud and said "Oh. Oh." then looked across the sky and with a puzzled look asked "Cowd?" I assured her it was and took another picture.

She continued playing and then stopped to check out the sky again. This time she questioned me by asking with her hands up in the air "Where cowd?" I pointed to it and she seemed confused and said "No." I assured her it was the same cloud changing shape right before our eyes. She wanted me to take a picture so I did. Then she checked out the image and seemed satisfied with the image but the puzzled look didn't completely leave her face.

She didn't seem to believe me so she sat down at my feet and settled into looking up to the sky at the cloud. It continued to change shape until it disappeared and I heard her say "Bye-Bye Cowd" before she said to me "Wowwwwww!"

Last night at about 3 a.m. I noticed her diaper was soaked and even though I didn't want to wake her, I didn't want a mess in my bed (yes, she sleeps with us) so I turned her over onto her back and changed her diaper. She barely woke up and I repositioned her on the bed and settled back into sleep. About a minute passed and then she suddenly bolted upright and exclaimed "MOM! ... Thank you!" Then she went right back to sleep. What manners!

This afternoon she was taking a nap on the couch in the family room so I sat at the breakfast table so I could be nearby. She doesn't like to wake up from her nap and find herself alone in a room. I didn't hear her wake up and suddenly I heard her yell "MOM!"and turned to see her hop off the couch and frantically look for me. I called to her and she ran towards me. She jumped into my lap, threw her arms around me and then said "love you." Awwww. I always melt when she says that but this time I was overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of gratitude and pure unadulterated LOVE. I cannot explain the power of that feeling at that exact moment but I just started crying. She still had her arms around me and I held her tight. She pulled away and touched my face then she said "love you" and gently patted my shoulder. Absolutely priceless. I am such a sap!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That is absolutely precious!!! Cowds indeed.
There are times where it is overwhelming to me to see the evidence, close up, of what a "normal" childhood experience results in. The difference, there are no words for it.

SocialWkr24/7 said...

So sweet! And what a doll! I love that curly dark hair!

Dia por Dia said...

She is sweet and precious. I am amazed by her each day and she reminds me of what my other kids have missed. Essie, I totally can relate to how you feel. I find myself wondering what my others would be life if their earlier beginnings had been more nurturing and stable. Yet when I see how far they have come I am also amazed and overwhelmed that my other children can still be so wonderful or at least hold it together as well as the do many times.

Lisa said...

Well if you're a sap then I'm one too because I tuned up over this post.
Precious. Absolutely precious.

Linda B. said...

What a wonderful memory you will have. I remember the few times my daughter would pat my back to help me feel better. Just immitating what I did that made her feel better. So of course more happy tears had to fall. She sounds like such an absolute doll.

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