Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to ALL you great moms out there!!!

My day started out with a text message wishing me a good day from Corazon's birthmom. That was different and not what many of us might expect but it was definitely special. I think it speaks to the nice connection we have been able to develop and maintain. She was happy that she got the cards and two photo albums we sent with hundreds of pictures of Corazon throughout 2008. I usually send it out for Christmas but...I was a bit behind. :) This year I was so happy to get all my cards out on time to friends and family and of course, my mother didn't get my card. Then she didn't get the gift I ordered for her even though I paid extra to have guarenteed delivery on Friday. Oh well.

Pollito and Corazon made cards and gifts at school for me and presented them on Friday since neither can keep a secret. They were little flower pots with flowers from Pollito and a little flower vase with "candy" flowers from Corazon. They each attached some nice notes with the help of their teachers. We celebrated by going out to brunch and made a bad choice for the restaurant. Everything from ambiance to service to food was mediocre to bad but the kids were well behaved so it made it ok.

Corazon's card to me read as follows:
"Dear Mom, You are the best mom there is! You are always there to cheer me up. You will always be beautiful. Even when you're old! Thank you for being my mom. Love, ______ Happy Mother's Day!"

The highlight was a handmade card from Tortuga (who has treated me like dirt for the past week or so.) He did some wonderful and thoughtful drawing of some of my favorite things on his card which said the following:

"Dear Mom,
I will have to pay you back because I don't have anything to give you. So the only thing I will give you is LOVE and RESPECT on MOTHER'S DAY. Happy Mother's Day Mommy! Love, ____ P.S. THANK you for taking care of me and LOVING me!"

He then proceeded to be rude, disrespectful and generally annoying. Oh well. I suppose it is the thought that counts!

Otherwise, it actually was a pretty good day! Hope y'all had a good one.

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