Sunday, May 24, 2009

Downhill slide

Corazon hasn't been able to recoup/regroup. She keeps digging a deeper hole for herself and I see no sign of her getting out for a little while. She goes to a school that prioritizes athletic schedules for the gymnast so it has a "no homework" policy unless students manage not to finish their in school work. She has managed to not have homework for over a month except for ongoing projects. Friday she came home with a long list of homework for the weekend. Turns out she hasn't done ANY of her work this entire week and it is a substantial amount of schoolwork. The teachers sent me an email just in case she didn't share the information. To her credit she did share that she had homework because she "hadn't finished Friday's work" but failed to mention that it was the work for the entire week and that she is sneaking reading instead of doing her work. I should have known. She lost reading privileges here on Tuesday so it would explain her need to sneak at school. So, I informed her that she could spend the whole weekend doing her homework and nothing else. Yesterday she did one out of 4 math assignments and she wrote 8 (out of 50) vocabulary word definitions. She started her work at 9 a.m. and went to bed at 8:30 p.m. Except for tapping, bathroom breaks and food she didn't do anything else. Gotta hand it to her. She is stubborn. She kept trying to get my attention if I went anywhere near her and I did a really good job of ignoring her.

I spent my day rearranging the boys' sleeping arrangements. I am probably going to regret it but I needed to try something else for the summer because Milagro is almost ready for her own room and we get the daughter of a friend of mine for the summer. Each of the three older kids has their own room and the toddler sleeps with us. Technically she shares a room with Pollito but she prefers sleeping in our room and when we have put her in there he bothers her a great deal. He will wake her and he cannot seem to keep his hands away from her. She is sending signals that she is ready to sleep in her own bed/room but we don't trust him with her right now especially because he tends to be quite aggressive towards her. She will not sleep in the crib which offers some protection but loves the toddler bed. So, we needed to figure out a different arrangement. Both boys are afraid of the dark, hate having their own rooms and wet the bed so their respective rooms reek of urine no matter what I do. They shared a room when we lived in Boston. So, I decided to move them in together which I know isn't great for RAD kids but I need to try something else. Their room looks good. Metal bunk beds with a bed tent for Pollito, two small dressers, 2 lamps and 2 beanbag chairs. The kids were both THRILLED that I made the changes and kept thanking me. Should I be scared? Most likely, I will regret it and just have to change it around again.


Lisa said...

If our kids ever switch around their stubborn to the "good" they will rule the world. ;-)

Hoping the new sleeping arrangements work. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Dia por Dia said...

They really would. C. always tells Corazon to "use her powers for good" to try and remind her about the choices she can make. The new sleeping arrangement will probably not work but I figure consolidate the pee (and accompanying aromas) and maybe Tortuga can get a taste of his own medicine since the two of them can't keep their mouths closed to save their lives and we got a little tired of Pollito waking Milagro up just because he was awake and needed to shout it out. Tortuga does the same thing so together they might just drive each other nuts. We'll see.

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