Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

It's been a very long and eventful few days. I want to focus on the good things so I'm going to post a bunch of pictures along the way.

We have sentences! In the last few days Milagro has said "Mommy I need my shoes!" "Mommy I need my crocs!" "I need a cracker, peeez (please)." and "This car is mine." It's impressive to me but then I am a very biased mom when it comes to this little girl. Milagro is such a wonderful toddler. She knows her mind and is at that stage where she can actually follow much of a conversation and participate quite nicely. She also has this not so nice habit of waking me up in the middle of the night to say "Mommy, diaper please." I think if she can tell me she needs a diaper change then potty training should start soon. She already announces everyone else's potty business so maybe we need to focus her on her own. She had a wonderful Easter. She was only 7 months old last time so it was all a blur.

This year she got all excited about Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts (yes, hunts, we participated in two this year.)

Pollito is growing so fast. His language development is astounding and I think I have his teacher to thank for a lot of it. He has always been delayed by about a year and a half or so but we figured his issues were just that--delays--rather than the serious speech and language issues we were told he had when we got him. He has so many complex sentences and can communicate many of his thoughts and ideas. When he can't he does say "I don't know how to say it mom" rather than having a meltdown or pouting because we don't understand. I still worry about attachment issues for him. He has behaviors that remind me of Corazon when she was 4 but it is hard to separate what is learned (from watching older siblings) and what is a real issue. He clearly has attached in some ways especially to me. He asks if he can be my baby. He wants to cuddle with me on the couch but only on his terms. He smiles when he sees me most of the time but he doesn't automatically reciprocate hugs or kisses without reminders. I have to do more active attachment work with him but it gets easy to ignore that when the others are so clearly demanding of my time. He has such a wonderful time with all the Easter activity. Coloring eggs, egg hunts, and just playing around. I even let him and Tortuga play together which is almost unheard of unless I am right there with them because of Tortuga's aggression toward him.

Minutes after the picture of the two of them was taken Tortuga decided they should use those bubble wands as swords and started poking Pollito. I decided to watch and see what would happen for awhile. Pollito came over to tell me that Tortuga was poking him and he wanted my permission to poke him back. I said he might get hurt but it was his decision. Two minutes later Tortuga (remember he's 10) comes running and crying that Pollito (who is 4) was hitting him and had "broken" his pinkie finger. I just looked at him and suggested they stop the game. I got closer thinking my intervention would be needed only to hear Pollito say "Tortuga, can you stop whining already?" When he saw me Pollito says "mom, why can't he stop whining? He whines all the time." And with that Pollito took himself out of the game! Good for him.

Corazon and Tortuga need their own posts otherwise I will be here forever. The good news is they both got to participate in Sunday's Easter egg hunt and celebrations and Tortuga got to participate in the egg decorating/coloring tradition. The bad news was Corazon pretty much missed all the cookie making and egg coloring, and they both missed Saturday's neighborhood egg hunt. She spent much of the time writing yet another apology letter...Tortuga also threatened to run away twice and told me he was going to k*ll me once (in front of my mother.) It wasn't pretty. I cannot write about that now. Maybe later since I do have some thoughts on what has been going on for both of them these past few days.

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