Friday, April 17, 2009

Shhh...Corazon is doing well

I haven't posted about Corazon's current behaviors because they have actually been improving and I didn't want to jinx the last few days. We have had lots of defiance, meanness, control issues, food sneaking, lying to her teacher, and rudeness and disrespect over the last few weeks. This week, in the spirit of Easter and new beginnings she seems to have turned over a new leaf. She is trying to do what is expected of her and I have even seen her catch herself when she starts to lie or get an attitude. I think she is still angry about being away from me and in school which is good since it means she misses me. :) She has also decided that homeschooling was a lot more fun than she originally thought and she is upset that I won't pull her out of school. The funny thing is she does like school, is seeing academic success and is having fun. She has some trouble making friends because of her bossiness and social immaturity but she seems to be doing OK in that area right now and she is actually starting to care about making friends.

I was so proud of her yesterday. She got REALLY mad at me because she was invited to a birthday party sleepover and convinced herself we would let her go. Not sure where she got that idea given that we have never let her go before and given her behavior these past few weeks there was no way we were letting her too far out of our sight. She was able to say she was sad about it and disappointed which is huge for her. AND she didn't tantrum, pout, or meltdown. She just cried. It was one of those moments where I really wanted to make her happy and figure out a way for her to go but then I came to my senses and realized that would not be a good idea.

Because we are seeing regression in so many areas I am keeping her close and have stepped up the cuddle time. We pulled back on tapping because I started wondering if that was bringing up some other stuff for her. I also started her on the Guided Imagery which she really likes. I am also trying to spend more one-on-one time. During our time together we have gone back to working on her keyboarding skills. She loves the computer and is getting too much time at school on the computer but she really wants to learn to use the keyboard and type as fast as I do. Back in November/December we started a blog for her to put her daily writing and practice keyboard skills. She doesn't always earn the privilege but when she does she gets to write a post. Over the last month or so we added to her journal prompt assignment and she writes about her feelings. She has a regular diary/journal that she writes in every night but she asked if she could add it to her blog. We got an idea for a format for writing about her feelings and what she is grateful for from Lisa. She also checked out J.'s blog and decided that her writing format could work for her. She is so excited to get on the computer with me helping her or just sitting next to her that she is not complaining as much about her journal writing. Last week she asked if she could share her writing with some of our/my friends and so I have added her info on the sidebar. She is back to working really hard to be a good family kid so I told her I would encourage y'all to check her blog out. No pressure but if you feel inclined she would be tickled by any comments. She puts the writing prompt question first then addresses it. Some posts are then followed by her own reflections on her feelings. I am obviously a very biased and proud mom but if I do say so myself, she is a pretty good writer and she comes up with some neat ideas. I learn a lot about her from her writing.

So, if you feel so inclined, please go over there and give her some love....


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

You are right, she is a great writer. I love her moon song- it is so insightful. Not sure if that is the right word but you probably know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about reading Corazon's blog. She has some great moms helping her get better. I'm glad her behaviors have been improving lately.

Dia por Dia said...

I agree about her moonsong. When she first came to me at 4 1/2 she was hypervigilant about everything and I noticed she would always call attention to when it was getting dark. If we were out she would demand we go home then get agitated and tantrum if we didn't get home ASAP. I started telling her how Grandmother Moon watches out for us (especially girls/women) and keeps us safe. I also told her she listens and can help us especially if we are scared. It didn't matter how small or big the moon was or if we saw her or not. She loved the story and asked for it daily. We started going outside to find the moon and say goodnight at times. After a couple of weeks she started looking forward to dark coming and it eased her fears.

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