Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Urine, Urine, Everywhere

What is it about going for days and days and days (or weeks) without peeing in odd places or in bed that makes my kids feel like they have to "make up" for it. This morning I discovered that Pollito peed in his sock drawer overnight AND in his bed. I actually should say ALL over himself and his bed. The pillow, sheets, blankets, his pj's FRONT AND BACK all the way into his hair. How is that even possible? I opened his door to wake him and recoiled from the stench. I had to take time to shower him this morning. He had 2 peeing accidents at school and his only defense was that he didn't feel like peeing in the potty. He lied to his teacher when she sent him to the bathroom and told her he peed.

Then this morning Tortuga, who has also managed to be dry for about a week was all out of sorts. He was rude, defiant, and forgetful. He had a tantrum when I sent him upstairs to put away some clean laundry. C. drove Tortuga and Pollito to school and when she hugged him goodbye she thought he smelled terrible. She thought it was his breath because we have had trouble getting him to use toothpaste when he brushes his teeth in the morning. She told me about it when she came home and something told me there was more to the story. I went upstairs to his room and the stench was unmistakable. Everything reeked. His bedding, pillow, pj's which were on the floor, bath towel and even his dirty laundry which was in his hamper. It was gross.

So this afternoon, when they got home I sent each of the boys to strip their beds and bring them to the laundry room. Usually they have to hand wash their clothes but not their sheets. Tortuga tried to challenge me about why he needed to strip his bed but I just smiled and told him we both knew why. I am thinking this might be why he was out of sorts this morning. For some reason, he decided to hide the peeing but it must have messed with him. I suppose that is progress.

On a separate note I wanted to thank Lisa from Life in the Grateful House for the strong encouragement to read about Guided Imagery in the book Invisible Heroes - Surviors of Trauma and How They Heal by Belleruth Naparstek. I got my copy a few days ago and it is really wonderful! She has given me lots of helpful suggestions for my kids and I have tried a number of them so I took her word for it that this was a must read. It is! If you want to know more she references it here and here and here. She also references it over here. While Lisa has the links to the book on Amazon directly in her posts, if you decide to order I kindly suggest going over to The Accidental Mommy and search Amazon from her site. She is trying to raise money to go to a Beyond Consequences training and every little bit helps. (It's on the right side about 3/4's of the way down.)


Christine said...

One of my kids HAS to be a complete contortionist when they pee. There is just no other explanation. It is beyond description.

And the stench ... how do they manage to get it that rank every single time?

Some sort of whacked out spiritual gift???


Lisa said...

Oooooo so sorry about the mad pee-er. I hate that when that happens.
Can you try the 99 Ways to Drive Your Child Sane thing with the peas. I loved that one. I've already got peas in the freezer waiting on the new addition.

Do you think I love that book? hee hee. I had no idea I had post THAT much about it. Geeesh!

Linda B. said...

I went to a conference not long ago and the opening speaker referred to this as "pissive agressive" behavior. Pretty funny. I'm so grateful I haven't had to deal with this. It must get so tiring.

Dancing on the Edge said...

Matt used to pee everywhere in his room! He even went into the closet and peed into the plastic storage box that was storing his summer clothes! I didn't find it until Spring, when ALL of his summer clothes were molded and ruined. SOOO GROSS!
He just recently got a dresser back in his room, after 3 1/2 years.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh yuck, in his hair! Amazing isnt it, from one pee survivor to another, how much pee can come out of one little body? I am so sick of pee I can barely make my own anymore.
Thanks for the plug! It all helps! (oh no, is that a pun?)

Dia por Dia said...

Yes his HAIR and I think Christine is right. I don't know how else it can end up in so many different places. Dancing-that is absolutely up there for grossness! I didn't know how lucky I was just having to put all the socks in the wash! Thanks to all of you for putting pee into perspective or should I say peespective? It really is gross but better than poop. Linda, I LOVE that "pissive aggressive" phrase-how appropriate. Even C. (my partner) had to laugh. She never laughs about pee. Lisa, I tried the peas thing when Corazon used to be the creative pee-er(is that a word?) I served peas for 3 days in a row! (She had produced a lot of peas :) It worked like a charm and then I asked her to keep it up. SHe stopped. Fancy that!

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