Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Instead of a flower I got a garden and a rainbow!

True to his word, on Monday, Pollito made me a flower at school. In fact, I got more than a flower, I got flowers, a rainbow, and the two of us "hugging" as we "looked at the flowers." Here is the picture he drew:

What a ray of sunshine! I am trying to find time just for him and Milagro given how high maintenance the other two have been. I have about 4 posts that are not posted yet detailing some of that and I am going to try to get them up today. Last Thursday, I started taking Milagro and Pollito to the park in the 45 minutes I have between picking Pollito up from school and getting his brother. I have 3 school pick ups neatly spaced apart but it means we spend about 2 hours doing afterschool pick ups so the park breaks it up nicely. Anyway, I am trying to use that time to give him some fun and attention from me. He is often torn between talking to me about his day or playing with his sister on the climbing structure but it does give him more of my attention than when his siblings are home. I am also trying to have one-on-one time to cuddle with him and tell him a story right before bed but that often gets usurped by someone in more immediate "need" which is why I have been getting him up earlier each morning so we have breakfast together "just the two of us." He seems to really like that although I am absolutely not into mornings! It is hard to find that balance with the four of them but I have been feeling like he is the most neglected of the four and since I still worry about attachment stuff for him I am giving this a try.

That is it for now, Corazon is outside doing jumping jacks and I think she is attracting the neighbor's attention... I will try to post more later.

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