Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So how IS school going?

Backdated entry which I didn't post until 3/3/09.

Corazon has been attending school for a month. Today I spent some concerted time trying to assess how it is going for all of us. I am not sure if I have enough information to gauge so I am probably just going to jot down some random thoughts and observations and see if I can make sense of them later.

For me:
  • I am really enjoying the break from schooling her. I couldn't have done this much writing in the past few weeks if she were home.
  • Milagro gets my undivided attention from 9:30-2 and I have been able to take her for walks (big deal cause I don't really like to go walking), play outside with her, cook and eat a leisurely breakfast or lunch with her, and generally watch her grow and change in the ways that toddlers do.
  • I have time to do some housework during the day rather than after everyone has gone to bed.

For the other kids/family:

  • I already talked about Milagro although she misses Corazon a great deal during the day which has turned into her missing C. (my partner, who I need to come up with a name for on this blog) a whole lot more.
  • Tortuga and Pollito get to spend time with me in the car without her around at pickup times and on the three days of the week when she has gymnastics after school. On those days they get me through dinnertime without her. This is especially helpful to Tortuga who is extraordinarily jealous of Corazon. He doesn't argue/fight as much during dinner or during homework time. However, the two days of the week that she does come home afterschool are usually harder for him.
  • We only get family dinner time as a whole family on the weekends. C. isn't home until after 7 on four of the five nights of the week.

For Corazon:

  • Increases in overall drama, interrupting or interjecting herself in other people's conversations, correcting me (or other familiar adults,) asserting control over information that comes from school (e.g. she changes the requirements of an assignment to suit her interests, etc.,) slacking on routines that have been integrated into her daily life for months or years (e.g. brushing teeth, getting ALL her clothes ready, skipping cat chores, etc.), and bossiness towards her brothers and sister.
  • Homework is getting done and usually happily. No resistance to doing it except occasionally when something is too hard and she gets frustrated.
  • Chores are getting done, albeit not always efficiently but she is doing them without complaint. However, she is doing them at a snail's pace which is why she is up at 6 a.m.
  • She is TALKING about her fear of failure in gymnastics and nervous about starting to be a competitive gymnast. (I think this is positive. She has usually been invincible, fearless and has never before talked about being nervous about anything.
  • She actually notices that people are ignoring her and seems to want to do things differently to change this. (She never used to notice.)
  • That I know of, she has had no meltdowns, tantrums, outbursts, disrespect, stealing, etc. at school or home.
  • She is hypervigilant about adult conversations at home and school and this continues to be the case.
  • Her feelings seem genuinely hurt if someone says something to her that isn't nice.
  • Academically she isn't as challenged as she was with homeschooling.
  • She is resistant to doing some of her homeschool work which was part of the agreement for getting to attend school.
  • She is picking up some of the "entitlement" behavior that some of her peers have but when checked she seems to be OK.
  • She seems to genuinely miss and appreciate me, tells me so and offers to help with my evening chores even when not prompted and without trying to avoid work she doesn't want to do (most of the time).

So at least for now we seem to be doing OK. I do find myself "waiting for the other shoe to drop" but I am going to enjoy this as long as I can.


Lisa said...

The positives certainly seem to outweigh the negatives. Yay!

I worry about sending J back to school too due to not being challenged.

Dia por Dia said...

It is a real concern for us too although I am supplementing her at home. We were at the beginning of 4th grade in our homeschooling by November so now she is "back" in third grade. Yet socially, that is a better placement for her right now. Plus I really needed to see her "in action" when we weren't together 24/7. Academically, so far, I think we are doing ok. It is such a balancing act.

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