Saturday, February 28, 2009

Releasing more posts!

I am in the process of posting more of my unpublished posts from January and February so that I can stop fretting over them! I have had some time over the past couple of days to read some blogs written by people with children who have RAD. What a blessing these blogs have been! These folks are so brave and inspirational! When I first started researching RAD I couldn't find any blogs or personally stories (except for several books) of people willing to share the day to day experiences, fears, battles, frustrations, milestones and joys. It felt like such a lonely process for me and the books became my lifeline especially during the times when the therapists weren't working out for my daughter and me. While I knew I wasn't alone, being able to read some of these blogs has given me new-found hope and energy and allowed me to see that others have been in the same place we are now. Thank you to those of you who have had the courage to share so much of your journey. You are a true inspiration and I profoundly thank you.

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