Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl!

Milagro turned 18 months today. Where does the time go? I can still remember the moment she was born kicking and screaming as she announced her presence in this world! She sure had a nice set of lungs and she still does but we don't hear much kicking and screaming just chatting. She is an absolute delight to be around even in her current state of needing to be no more than 2 feet from me at any given moment. I have so much I want to say about her to capture all the amazing changes in the last six months but the words are escaping me right now.

Speaking of words, they don't escape her. She has lots of signs and lots of words she is trying to say. She is a friendly, loving and affectionate little girl who waves hello and goodbye, blows kisses, gives kisses and hugs. She signs "more," "milk," "cheese," "butterfly," and "fire" ( no RAD comments please) in ASL. She has made up her own signs for hat, cat, food, book, shoes, socks, mittens, jacket, candy, chair, brushing teeth, balloon, sticker, chapstick, and table. She has some word that she says in English (pretty clearly) including: "mom," "mama," "bye-bye," "oh, " "wow," "oh-oh, " "hi," "thank you," "juice, " "book," "teeth," "nose," "book," "yeah," "tissue," "shoe," "balloon," "bellybutton," "diaper change" (really!) and only yesterday added "No" to her vocabulary plus she tries to say a bunch of other words. In Spanish she asks for her stuffed dog, water, more, and yes. She also calls her sister, her cousin and my sister by name.

She is a smart, active, and sweet little girl who bring us all such tremendous joy. Even during hard times she seems to know just what to do and treats her siblings with kindness and sensitivity. Whenever they are down she comforts them by rubbing their backs, offering hugs and kisses and the wonderful thing is that even in the midst of his crying Tortuga doesn't refuse her. She is truly our blessing.

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Lisa said...

She is such a cutie patootie!!!!!

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