Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay, so I have to confront the fact that I do not know enough about how to deal with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) and PTSD. I have read a bit here and there as it related to Corazon but really most of her bigger issues/ symptoms/etc. were coming from an RAD place so I have been dealing with the RAD more than anything else. Now with Tortuga it is clear that ODD is the primary issue we are dealing with. He has all the classic tell-tale signs along with other that might be ADD, PTSD or even Tourette's since that was also a label given to him early on. The truth is that we have been through hell with him over the past several months but especially weeks and I have had to take a step back and consider going back into "research mode." That is my pattern when we go through a tough time. I jump into the literature to glean pearls of wisdom and insight and figure out what to try next. I have even considered finding another therapist for him but we haven't recovered from the last two! These days it is impossible to even be in the same room with him without it turning into a battlefield and it doesn't matter what the contested arena is! For example, 4 year old Pollito asks at the dinner table, "Tortuga, do you want your bread?" Tortuga responds, "IT IS MY BREAD! I CAN EAT ALL THE BREAD IN THE HOUSE!" Pollito says, "Tortuga, you can have my bread. I haven't touched it." Tortuga responds "WHY WOULD I WANT YOUR UGLY BREAD, I HAVE MINE!" And that was the nicest exchange at the dinner table. I should have excused him from the table but given that he had already spent the entire weekend isolated away from the rest of the family for other transgressions and his siblings were missing him, I made yet another mistake and allowed him to join us at the table. How do I balance the family's need for peace and his need to be nasty as often as possible? And yet, I keep reminding myself, this is progress....

Off to read I go.

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