Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History is Made!

Along with so much of the country I cannot help but be moved by the historic events unfolding before us. Barack Hussein Obama, a bi-racial Black/White man, has become president of our country. The hope that lies ahead both for our nation and for our children is palpable. I know that I did not believe this would happen in my lifetime. I watch the television coverage today with tears in my eyes, tremendous awe, some disbelief, incredible pride, and conflicting emotions about how the world will see this nation to which I belong. Conflicting emotions about how we might see ourselves as a nation. Will issues of racism slip even further from the limelight because we can point to a Black president? Will white guilt over segregation and discrimination dissipate? What will replace it? Will we hear rejoicing about how racism is now a thing of the past since MLK's dream is perceived to be attained? I worry and fear what the answers to these and so many other questions might mean for my children.

On an international level I am hopeful that perhaps now we will occupy our appropriate place as a member and potential leader in this global community rather than as the only important member of this global world in which we leave. I cannot imagine the weight that the Obamas have willingly taken upon themselves and I pray that they continue to have the strength and support to carry it.

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