Saturday, January 3, 2009


About a year ago my family was contemplating a cross-country move from the East Coast to the Southwest and I was faced with the prospect of starting over in a somewhat new location after 20 years in New England. Not having much information about life in our new city I started looking online in an effort to find information for families similar to mine--lesbian moms with adopted and biological children, experiences with foster children and their accompanying issues, liberal politics, living in more conservative southwest--and it opened up a blogging world that both intrigued and challenged me. Intrigued partly because I discovered so many people open and willing to share their personal experiences and ideas. Challenged because I became aware of how unusual we might in our new setting where I could find only a smattering of individuals sharing aspects of their lives that were similar to my own. At that time I started a personal blog (just for me) to "practice" writing about my family and our experiences in a format other than my hastily scribbled in journals. At that time I did not even consider having anyone else participate in that process so I kept it private. As an avid journal keeper (in my former life) it was not hard to write but it was challenging to write often. I finished out 2008 with a little more than a dozen entries and a renewed desire to continue this process. I am not sure where it will take me or if there is any interest out there in the pieces of my life but I might open it up a little and see what happens.

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