Sunday, January 18, 2009

Corazon goes to school

Today Corazon starts her first day at her new school!

I have been homeschooling Corazon for one year and 3 months and we have decided to try sending her to school again. It is with a great deal of trepidation that I do so because I am not sure she is ready. However, I think we have reached a point in our homeschooling where she needs to "try out" her "stuff" in a setting outside of home. She has made incredible progress on the RAD in the time we have homeschooled and she continues to make progress so I feel ready to give her this bit of room. I am sure there will be setbacks but we need this. All of us do especially Milagro and Pollito. They need more of my attention right now and the only way I can give it to them is to have Corazon somewhere else for some part of the day. This school is ideal as a "test run" in a number of ways. It is small (only 11 girls in her class), girls-only, gymnasts only, experienced teacher, multi-grade so she is exposed to 3rd-5th grade curriculum, and seems pretty structured and disciplined. All of the girls are serious about gymnastics so we think she will have a harder time getting them to distract her (and vice-versa) because they seem really serious about their work as students and gymnasts. The teacher seems pretty clear about her expectations and is not working on having her students "like" her the way so many teachers I work with do.

I have my fingers crossed that this works for her!

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