Friday, June 13, 2008

We have a house!

C. has been away since yesterday and we miss her terribly. Today she signed the papers on the new house so it is official. I guess we are moving after all! She also discovered that there are children who are the same age as Tortuga and Corazon right on the block so hopefully we won't encounter attitudes that will make their transition to the neighborhood more difficult. We have gotten comfortable in MA with the abundance of different kinds of families. The children don't censor their comments about having two moms. We will need to prepare them for (and help them make the adjustment to) the different viewpoints, assumptions, and attitudes they will encounter. C. shared the fact that at the closing the mortgage broker couldn't get past C's wedding ring and the fact that she had given birth to a baby last summer. She kept asking if C. had a husband and despite assurance that she didn't, the woman just couldn't seem to figure out or consider what the alternative might be. Since she didn't ask, C. didn't tell.

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