Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making bird houses and ornaments

I just came across these pictures I took at the end of December/early January and wanted to reflect on their significance to the kids. C. and I have been working on having the children learn the value of making thoughtful choices about presents. They don't have much of a sense of money or the cost of things and even less sense of what is important to other people. So C. decided to help them make personalized gifts for their (great)aunts and grandma. They decided on themed birdhouses and birdhouse ornaments for each one of their aunts and grandma. It was a great idea and the kids really got into it(as did the adults) so it truly became a family affair that took a bit past Christmas (until New Year's Day) to complete. But the end result was well worth it, I think. They shared fun, frustration, quality time with moms and ultimately a sense of accomplishment! For our kids, especially Tortuga and Corazon, this is what it needs to be about. They both suffer from such low self concepts that every chance to celebrate success is critical to undoing the years of negative socialization they have been through.

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