Friday, February 22, 2008

Where does the time go?

Milagro is six months old today! She is such a blessing. Her personality continues to emerge and thank goodness she is still an easygoing baby. As long as she is in her sling she goes along with whatever is happening. I can take her to work with me, shopping, errands, or even around the house. Her "happy place" is with her moms. She only fusses when hungry or very tired. Otherwise she patiently observes the world while we go about our days.

She has continued to try and stand up although she shows no interest in crawling. She loves blowing raspberries and "zerpels" on my chest, arm, and neck. It cracks her up and she laughs a raspy and hearty belly laugh. She has also figured out her siblings pretty well. Depending on whose attention she wants she knows exactly how to get it. If Pollito is her desire she puts out her hands and smiles or scrunches up her face to get his attention. He comes right to her. When she wants Corazon, she throws her toys to the floor and makes some cooing sounds to get her to come to her. Even with Tortuga, who shows minimal interest in her most of the time, she has found the one way to engage with him. She screams AT him. It sounds like she is chastising him for some infraction or yelling a him for the hundreth time and he responds. He laughs with her and yells right back and they go at it. Laughing and yelling as though they were a couple of infants carrying on a conversation. It is quite clever if I do say so myself.

We celebrated Milagro's half birthday with half a cake which she managed to get her fingers into. The rest of the kids enjoyed the fact that we seem to be celebrating all year already given the three anniversaries we have just acknowledged. They genuinely seem to be doing well(today).

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