Friday, January 25, 2008

Given the happenings of 2007 I feel a desire to pause and record how great our fortune has been. 2007 was certainly full of ups and downs but the ups outweigh the downs. We grew to a family of 6 (from 3) with the addition of Pollito in January, Tortuga in February, and Milagro in August. We celebrated arrivals of our boys and the birth of our daughter. Corazon's 3 year anniversary of joining our family and C's acceptance to doctoral programs are also highlights.
Our marriage in June (in the one state that has legalized same-sex marriage) was certainly something we couldn't have predicted a few years ago. I relished my one semester leave to write and care for the newest member of our brood. The year culminated in December with the formal adoptions of Pollito and Tortuga and the publication of my first chapter in a book. How can 2008 top that?

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